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EUGENE, OR – Serket is pleased to announce it has officially joined the Western Protective Solutions (WPS) corporate family. 

Serket will be one of six businesses within the WPS family and will belong to the Personal Protective Equipment group, focusing on Organization Clothing & Individual Equipment (OCIE). With a catalog of advanced flame resistant and no melt / no drip military apparel at the ready, Serket is excited to boost its capabilities in protecting our warfighters and LE professionals.

“By joining the WPS family, Serket has found a partner who can help us create a more efficient and proactive product lifecycle,” said Serket President, Trey Harris. “A part of the WPS family of companies, our customers can expect to see improvements in new product speed-to-market, logistical efficiencies, brand building and customer service response times.”

To visit the new Western Protective Solutions website, you can follow the link here to learn more.

About Western Protective Solutions: 

At Western Protective Solutions, we design mission-critical solutions that perform, day after day, in the world’s harshest environments. We are a group of creators driven to assist those who answer the call, walk into danger, and face impossible elements. 

Why? Because that’s their mission. 

And It’s our mission to enable these brave individuals with the tools and protection to complete their work with confidence, to bring them home safely to the ones who matter most. 

We are Western Protective Solutions. Protection for Mission-Critical Performance.