Every new update we add to the Serket  product portfolio has a key goal: how can we best protect warfighters in critical missions? With so many amazing individuals defending our country, we want to ensure that they stay safe in any situation they encounter so that they return home to the ones who matter most. How exactly do we do this? Below are six new updates to the Serket – portfolio.

Revolutionizing Your PPE

Serket has revolutionized the industry with our groundbreaking advancements in PPE garments. With a relentless commitment to innovation, Serket has transformed and challenged how the world perceives and utilizes protective clothing.

One of the most notable aspects of our PPE garments is our emphasis on comfort without compromising safety. Traditional PPE garments were often bulky, uncomfortable, and restricted the wearer’s mobility. 

However, Serket has reimagined PPE by integrating cutting-edge materials and ergonomic designs that prioritize comfort and ease of movement. Our garments are lightweight, breathable, and allow for increased flexibility, enabling wearers to perform their tasks with enhanced agility and reduced fatigue.

Moreover, Serket has incorporated advanced technology into our PPE garments, enhancing their functionality and effectiveness. You will hear more about these effects below when we dive into each update individually.

We want to continue revolutionizing the PPE industry with our innovative approach to garment design. By prioritizing comfort, functionality, and sustainability, we have set new standards for the industry, ensuring workers can perform their tasks safely and comfortably in the most challenging environments. Let’s dive into the updates. 

1. Zephyr Shirt

Designed with high-performance fabrics, Serket’s Tropical Weight, No Melt Zephyr Shirt is a rugby-style shirt constructed with lightweight, MIL-SPEC high-tenacity 57/43 NYCO, which is significantly lighter, with more than three times the tear strength when compared with traditional 50/50 NYCO.

Paired with the comfortable, robust, lightweight Cordura NYCO knit torso, the Serket Zephyr Shirt is the lightest and coolest available while maintaining exceptional durability and no melt/no drip safety standards. The Zephyr is available in both long- and short-sleeve variants and in a wide range of color options, including MultiCam, OCP, Tiger Stripe and solid options such as Black, Navy, Ranger Green and Coyote Brown.

A great thing about this new product is the MIL-SPEC air-permeable fabric. Fabric like this keeps you comfortable even in the most adverse conditions. All materials are Berry compliant, hitting all regulations, ensuring top quality and U.S. manufacturing. The fabrics are also quick dry when you need them in tropical environments.

Focusing more on the build of the shirt, the high-rise collar protects the neck from vest and chest rigs, making the shirt even more comfortable to wear. It additionally has a raglan sleeve, athletic fit, and button flap bicep pockets with loop tape. If you are interested, feel free to contact us to learn more about how the shirt can help you!

2. Compression Socks

We created Serket Socks with the best USA-sourced Merino wool on the market, combined with state-of-the-art dying, spinning, and strategic zone knitting techniques to create exceptionally soft socks built for optimal comfort and performance. We take great care in producing them because we know they make a difference in the heat of a mission.

Some benefits include a non-bending cuff that conforms to the size of your calf and ankle. The size and style name is on that cuff as well, so you will know exactly what you need to wear at any given time. The over-the-calf height protects the elements by covering that region of the body. The high-graduated performance compression goes up to 15-20 mmHG. Serket Compression socks are also available in a Liner, for comfortable, effective layering in colder conditions.

Near the bottom of the foot, we have reinforced ankle support with a brace and reinforced wear areas near the heel. The non-binding fold gives greater flexibility and keeps you moving with purpose all day. The ventilation panel is perfect for keeping your feet in optimal conditions, even when the environment can affect you otherwise. With the built-in arch support, looped cushioning, and seamless toe closure, you know you’ll be ready for any mission.

Want to learn more about our Merino Wool Serket Socks? Click here to learn about their many benefits and advantages.

3. Tropical Weight Combat Shirt

Flame-Resistant Tropical Weight Combat Shirt

Designed for high-heat conditions, the Serket Tropical Weight, Flame Resistant Combat Shirt is engineered to be comfortable, durable, protective and provide the necessary features while omitting costly, cumbersome, and unpurposed features.

Designed using combat-proven FR fabrics, Serket’s Tropical Weight Combat Shirt has tropical weight, flame-resistant ripstop sleeves, and a medium-height collar paired with a light, plush, flame-resistant mesh torso for ultimate comfort and breathability. It also features a 9″ advanced KK Vislon zipper access for easy venting, donning, and doffing.

No Melt/No Drip Tropical Weight Combat Shirt

The Serket No Melt Tropical Weight Combat Shirt is comfortable, durable, protective and provides the necessary features while omitting costly, cumbersome, and unpurposed features. Designed using high-performance fabrics, Serket’s No Melt Combat Shirt contains the new lightweight MIL-SPEC high-tenacity 57/43.

NYCO, which is significantly lighter, with more than three times the tear strength compared to traditional 50/50 NYCO. Paired with the comfortable, robust, lightweight Cordura NYCO knit torso, the Serket Tropical Weight Combat Shirt is the lightest available, ideal for high-heat conditions, while maintaining exceptional durability and no melt/no drip safety standards.

Both styles of our Tropical Weight Combat Shirts are made with Berry compliant materials and are made here in the USA. To learn more about what it means to be Berry compliant, click here.

4. Extreme Cold Weather Mask

The Serket Extreme Cold Weather Face Mask is engineered using a stretch fleece fabric with a laminated technical face. The moderate stretch and low-profile fit offer warmth without weight and bulk.

The product is highly breathable, so you don’t have to worry about airflow when wearing the product. The fabric dries quickly, keeping you safe in frigid environments. The hook and loop closure for a custom fit allows the mask to conform to your face giving it maximum comfort.

The fleece lining gives the mask extra warmth while wearing it, as well as added next-to-skin comfort. The mask blocks the wind and sheds moisture, protecting the skin and keeping you safe mission after mission.

5. Extreme Cold Weather Hat

The Extreme Cold Weather Hat stands as a testament to cutting-edge design and functionality. Crafted from a revolutionary technical face fleece, this headwear ensures optimal performance even in unforgiving conditions. Boasting a trifecta of  necessary cold-weather qualities, this material excels in heat retention, wind-blocking capabilities, and moisture resistance.

Embracing the coldest environments, the technical face fleece envelops the wearer with warmth that defies the biting cold. Its remarkable heat retention properties create a cocoon of comfort, allowing one to face the coldest temperatures with confidence. Icy winds are no match for the Serket Extreme Cold Weather Hat, as it serves as a formidable barrier against even the harshest gales. Shielded by its wind-blocking prowess, one can venture into blustery landscapes without fear of discomfort or compromised performance.

Moreover, the technical face fleece sheds moisture  allowing adventurers to maintain dryness and comfort, irrespective of the weather’s whims. Yet, despite its robustness, the material maintains a soft, gentle touch against the wearer’s skin, embodying a thoughtful design that prioritizes comfort alongside protection.

Marrying form and function seamlessly, the Extreme Cold Weather Hat embodies a low-profile fit that contours to the head with precision. This PPE ensures an optimal fit, eliminating any unnecessary bulk or discomfort that might hinder one’s performance. With its sleek and streamlined design, the Serket Extreme Cold Weather Hat effortlessly complements any outdoor gear ensemble while offering unparalleled protection against the elements.

If you want to learn more about how military end users prepare for the seasons, click here.

6. Hot Weather Uniform

Our newest uniform is specifically designed for hot weather climates with high humidity to go along with it. Like our other uniforms, we focus on maximizing comfort and designing a fluid build that will allow you to feel at your best during mission-critical situations. The uniform is still a work in progress, so keep an eye out for when we release it to our end users.  

Building a Better Future

Serket began with the vision to protect the brave men and women who serve this country. They go through some of the most extreme conditions imaginable, and we have the technology and capabilities to help keep them safe. As technology improves, so do our abilities in what we can offer. Through these updates, you can see the cutting-edge nature of what we can provide you and your end users in the near future. Together, we can accomplish what used to be known as impossible and create a legacy of safety PPE that will protect thousands of individuals in the military and law enforcement. It’s all just one step away. 

To keep up to date with Serket news, fill out the contact form here, so you’ll never miss another blog. If you’d like more information on how Serket can help you with your next mission, you can send us an email at Whatever your challenge, you can feel confident knowing Serket provides you with a uniform built for performance.

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