When first thinking about military apparel, most overlook socks as an aspect of protection equipment. However, the humble socks happen to be arguably the most protective apparel for our armed service members and law enforcement due to their strategic properties and location on the body. All this talk about socks may make you think back to what Lieutenant Dan said to Forrest and Bubba in Vietnam, but he was definitely on to something about making sure they kept care of their feet. We created Serket Socks with the best USA-sourced Merino wool on the market, combined with state-of-the-art dying, spinning, and strategic zone knitting techniques to create exceptionally soft socks built for optimal comfort and performance. We take great care in producing them because we know they make a difference in the heat of a mission. With that, here are ten reasons Serket Socks are a must-have for armed forces.

1. Anti-Blister

Perhaps the most important reason is the anti-blistering properties our socks have. Made with high-quality Merino wool, Serket Socks prevent friction between foot and shoe to keep feet safe against blisters. Even broken in military boots can cause feet to blister, so wearing anti-blistering socks is integral to preventing this. Blisters are a liability to missions as it makes it difficult to walk and progress. Military wear needs to be versatile, not constricting. We see things such as abnormal walking and visible pain come from blisters. We found that heat, friction, and moisture are the primary causes of blisters, so we tailor our designs toward those three things. All of it put together, and you can walk or run freely knowing your feet are protected.

2. Fungus Prevention

Another benefit to this PPE wear is the fungal protection it provides daily. Fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot, are harmful and make military exercises difficult. Infections usually occur when a foot has been wet for long periods without proper care and hygiene. Additionally, infections can spread through shared spaces like bathrooms and showers, making it integral not to get an infection in the first place. The first step to stopping this is to keep your feet dry, and PPE socks are a great way to do this. We recommend keeping two pairs of socks present with you to ensure you always have a dry pair ready. Foot infections cause a decrease in morale, so all things considered, preventing foot infections is vital to military operations. 

3. Quick Dry

Quick-dry socks are a must for a soldier’s PPE apparel. Clothing made from Merino wool quickly dries in situations where you need it most. Physical training happens primarily outside, and you can’t let the weather dictate performance in wet conditions. Wool can absorb 30% of its weight before it even feels damp, and once it’s wet, it still insulates while effectively and efficiently wicking moisture away from your skin. And unlike slow-drying cotton socks, Merino wool socks dry in a fraction of the time.  

4. Durable

When you buy PPE clothing, you expect it to last for multiple missions. Wool fibers can bend over 20,000 times before breaking, making wool one of the most durable fibers available. One of the worst things for service personnel is to pull off their boots after a long day and find a hole and blister where their sock should be. It’s annoying, it’s painful, and it’s a massive detriment to morale. The best part about Serket Socks is they absorb high-impact points, making them last longer without any new holes. We wanted to ensure you could make it through training without a single hole forming in the sock. The result is high-performance safety PPE.

5. Berry Compliant

All features of military clothing must comply with any regulations made by the United States government. Serket Socks are available in a variety of weights, lengths, and military-specific color options. All our socks are Berry Compliant, meaning they are 100% designed, sourced, and made in the USA of sustainable domestically-sourced Merino wool. We are a US business, proud to produce clothes and socks made in the USA.

6. Naturally Flame Resistant

Wool’s natural flame resistance is due to its higher nitrogen and water content. Unlike synthetically treated FR fibers, the flame-resistant qualities of wool are inherent to the fiber, meaning it won’t wash out or diminish over time. Completely safe and non-toxic, Serket wool socks provide an additional layer of FR and no-melt protection for those operating in environments where FR clothing is required.

7. Anti-Odor & Anti-Microbial

Socks can produce odors from time to time that can be unpleasant in base camp and casual settings. A combination of sweat, liquid, and bacteria can cause the smell, and with the intense work our armed forces and law enforcement personnel do, odors are common. You do not have to launder our socks as frequently as cotton socks, and when you wash them, they dry quickly, taking away the chance for bacteria and other components to build on the foot. Serket Socks deter bacteria compared to cotton and synthetic fabrics due to the antimicrobial properties of Merino wool. With all the work our service members do, they shouldn’t have to end a long day dealing with smelly clothing. 

8. Morale Boosting

Getting out of the cold to have a nice, warm stack of clothes waiting for you can be the highlight of a day. There’s a reason socks are such a popular Christmas present. People get happier when they’re wearing a good pair of socks. In the snow, socks act as cold weather gear and keep you warm and safe from the elements. Your feet and ankles release heat, so Serket Socks keep you insulated and comfortable all year round. That alone can make you content. We have a collection of styles, weights, lengths, and colors, ensuring suitable options for a variety of climatic conditions. 

9. Variety

Unlike other brands that just recolor consumer styles in military hues, Serket Socks are designed specifically for the military and law enforcement user. Features such as seamless toes, compression points, and lengths tailored to sync with military-issue boots ensure your socks will meet the demands of the mission. Serket’s variety of weights intend for stand-alone use, or layer, to create a completely custom sock system. Serket Socks are available in four weights (Tropical, Light, Medium, and Heavy). The Heavyweight option is available in a boot length as well as over-the-calf. Serket also offers an ankle-length PT Sock, a Graduated Compression Sock, and Graduated Compression Liner.

10. Regulate Temperature

Feet have an influential impact on your body’s overall temperature. Too hot, and you overheat. Too cold, and you can get hypothermia. Serket Socks are some of the best clothes for cold weather due to their temperature-insulating properties, yet they are breathable, so you can wear them in the heat for hours. Regulating body temperature is integral for multiple reasons in the military. It allows your organs to work better, you feel more comfortable while on a mission or resting, and it keeps you from getting sick from abnormal conditions. You can’t let things like this sideline you and keep you from doing the necessary work. Temperature regulation has benefits in apparel for both men and women, so we have designed our socks for everyone.

These ten reasons take into account multiple environmental as well as personal aspects of personal equipment protection. Socks are a necessary piece of a military outfit, and we have taken great design and care to ensure it works well for our armed forces. Whether you are looking for durable socks in the summer or the newest winter gear, we have the socks for you. The Serket team spent years coming up with the formula, and no laboratory has matched the composition of our Merino wool. Its mechanisms are unmatched, and we used the latest technology to perfect them. The result is high-performance, USA-sourced and produced Merino wool socks whose quality, durability, and comfort will help you overcome any challenge that comes your way.

Serket Merino Wool Socks are not just ordinary socks. We produce them with high-quality materials that provide superior comfort and durability. By investing in a pair of Serket Socks, you’ll be able to enjoy optimal performance in any mission or training activity you undertake. You can purchase a pair of your own Serket Socks by going here!


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