Welcome to our deep dive into the world of military specifications for Serket. From the design phase to manufacturing processes, we meticulously execute each step to meet and exceed the Department of Defense’s (DoD) requirements. 

This blog will explore the various military specifications that Serket products meet, including the rigorous testing procedures we undergo, and the operational characteristics that set us apart. Let’s delve into the world of military specifications and understand why Serket is a trusted name in defense solutions.

Berry Compliance

The Berry Amendment, a United States federal regulation, plays a crucial role in Serket’s military products. This amendment, specific to the DoD, mandates that all military clothing, including the high-performance gear produced by Serket, must be wholly manufactured in the United States.

Serket’s commitment to Berry compliance is evident in our military product line. Each item,  from our base layers to our uniforms, is 100% made in the USA, adhering to the stringent requirements of the Berry Amendment. This not only ensures the highest quality and durability of our products but also supports domestic industries and reinforces national security.

If you would like to learn more about Berry Compliance, you can read our comprehensive guide here.


Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliance is a critical aspect of international trade, particularly for companies like Serket that are involved in supplying products to the U.S. government. TAA compliance means that the products are made in the U.S. or in a designated country that has a trade agreement with the U.S. This is to ensure fair and open international trade.

Serket  has long served the federal, state and local law enforcement markets. TAA compliant products ensure that LE customers can access quality, high-performance products that are produced domestically, or by friendly nations, at a cost-effective price point. As always, you can expect TAA-compliant products that meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement work.

Stay tuned for more updates on Serket USA’s law enforcement products and to see how our commitment to TAA compliance, quality, and innovation will protect our local communities with cutting-edge OCIE. 

FR Salient Fabric Standards (ASTM – D6413)

ASTM D6413/D6413 is a critical test method for flame-resistant fabrics. The test is a key determinant for compliance with OSHA 1910.269. 

The ASTM D6413/D6413M test aims to assess whether a fabric will continue to burn after you remove the ignition source. A 12” fabric specimen is suspended in an enclosed chamber and exposed to a controlled methane flame for 12 seconds. The after flame, afterglow, and char length are then measured, with five tests performed to average the results.

This test method determines pass/fail criteria for ASTM F1506, which stipulates a maximum char length of 6 inches. However, it’s important to note that char length does not correlate to thermal protective performance. As long as the fabric sample does not ignite and continues to burn, char lengths at or below 6” are not meaningful predictors of thermal protective performance in flash fire scenarios.

  • After Flame
    • As Received (0.0 Seconds)
    • 25 Wash (0.0 Seconds)
    • 50 Wash (0.0 Seconds)
    • 100 Wash (0.0 Seconds)
  • After Glow
    • As Received (2.0 Seconds)
    • 25 Wash (2.0 Seconds)
    • 50 Wash (2.0 Seconds)
    • 100 Wash (2.0 Seconds)
  • Char Length
    • As Received (3.7×3.6 In.)
    • 25 Wash (3.3×3.4 In.)
    • 50 Wash (3.4 x3.3 In.)
    • 100 Wash (3.7 x 3.4 In.)
  • No Melt/Drip
    • As Received (None)
    • 25 Wash (None)
    • 50 Wash (None)
    • 100 Wash (None)
  • Thermal Shrinkage (2.9X2.3 %)
  • TPP
    • Contact (7.7 Rating)
    • Spaced (11.3 Rating)

PyroMan Burn Testing

Serket conducts detailed burn analysis on select Serket garments. Testing is carried out at North Carolina State University’s Textile Protection and Comfort Center (T-PACC) using the PyroMan™ System by all (DoD) requirements.

The PyroMan™ System, as specified by ASTM F 1930-11, is a state-of-the-art method for evaluating the performance of flame-resistant clothing. It involves a 4-second exposure to a 2-calorie flame, after which you predict the potential burn injury. 

Serket garments significantly surpassed the standard requirement, which calls for a burn injury prediction of less than 35%. This result is a testament to Serket’s commitment to safety and our dedication to providing military personnel with the highest level of protection.

Serket Zephyr Shirt


Colorfastness is a crucial factor in the production of military clothing, contributing significantly to the durability and longevity of the garments. It refers to the resistance of a fabric’s color to fade or bleed under various conditions, including laundry, exposure to light, and perspiration.

Maintaining color integrity is not just about aesthetics; in a military context, it can be critical to camouflage and concealment on the battlefield.

Laundry colorfastness ensures the garment retains its color even after repeated washing. This is particularly important for military clothing that needs to withstand frequent laundering while maintaining its visual characteristics.

Light colorfastness refers to the fabric’s ability to resist fading when exposed to sunlight. Military uniforms are often exposed to harsh sunlight, making this a critical factor in maintaining the effectiveness of camouflage patterns.

Perspiration colorfastness is the resistance of the fabric’s color to the effects of sweat. Given the physically demanding nature of military operations, this is a key consideration in the production of military clothing.

  • Crocking Dry
    • Dark (3.5)
    • Light (4.0)
  • Crocking Wet
    • Dark (2.5)
    • Light (3.5)
  • Laundry Color Change
    • Dark (3.5)
    • Light (4.0)
  • Laundry Stain
    • Dark (4.0)
    • Light (4.0)
  • Acid Perspiration
    • Shade Change (4.5)
    • Stain (4.5)
  • Alk Perspiration
    • Shade Change (4.5)
    • Stain (4.5)
  • Light
    • 40 Hours (4.0) 

Air Permeability

Air permeability is a critical attribute in the design and manufacture of military clothing. It refers to the ability of a fabric to allow air to pass through it, which is essential for comfort, breathability, and thermal regulation.

Military clothing operates in a variety of challenging environments and in all four seasons. Whether it’s the heat of a desert or the humidity of a jungle, the clothing must allow for efficient heat and moisture dissipation. This is where air permeability comes into play.

Several factors influence air permeability, including the type of fabric, the weave or knit of the material, and any treatments applied to the fabric. A fabric with high air permeability allows air to pass through freely, promoting sweat evaporation and keeping the wearer cool and dry. Conversely, a fabric with low air permeability may trap heat and moisture, leading to discomfort.

For military clothing, air permeability is not just about comfort. It also impacts the overall performance of the garment. For instance, a uniform with high air permeability can help reduce the risk of heat stress in hot environments while still providing the necessary protection and durability required in the field.

Ensuring Protection

Our products undergo rigorous testing, such as ASTM D6413/D6413M and PyroMan burn testing, to ensure they provide the highest level of protection. Moreover, Serket pays close attention to factors like colorfastness and air permeability, which contribute to the durability, comfort, and overall performance of their military clothing.

Our dedication to these aspects underscores our mission to provide military personnel with apparel that not only meets but exceeds the demands of their challenging environments. By continually improving its products based on these standards and tests, Serket ensures that its military clothing offers superior protection, longevity, and comfort.

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