Flame Resistant Long Sleeve Shirts

The Serket™ Flame Resistant Long Sleeve Shirt is a high-performance, comfortable FR base layer designed for protection and flexibility. It features quick-drying, stretchable fabric for ease of movement, available in three weights for different conditions. Its breathable, moisture-wicking design ensures comfort and dryness, while its flame-resistant properties provide essential safety. This shirt is a crucial base layer for anyone needing a balance of safety, comfort, and performance.

Black (minimums apply).



Patterns / Colors:

Coyote Brown, Predator Tan 499, Black (minimums apply)


Men’s: XS-XXL
Women’s: XS-XL

Part Info:

Lightweight Part# 111-LS
Lightweight Women’s Part# 111-FLS
Midweight Part# 212-LS
Midweight Women’s Part# 212-FLS
Heavyweight Part# 250-LS
Heavyweight Women’s Part# 250-FLS

How To Buy
  • High-Performance FR Base Layer
  • Comfortable Long Sleeve Design
  • Quick-Drying Stretch Fabric
  • Available in Three Weights
  • Breathable & Moisture-Wicking
  • Flame-Resistant Safety
  • Ideal for Safety & Comfort
  • Versatile Performance Shirt

This and all Serket™ high-performance flame-resistant garments are engineered from a proprietary blend of high-performance flame-resistant fibers and pass all military specifications for:

  • Flame resistance and no melt/no drip in accordance with ASTM-D-6413
  • Moisture management in accordance with AATCC C2C TS-017 & ASTM E 96
  • Air permeability in accordance with ASTM D 737
  • Anti-microbial properties in accordance with AATCC 100

The flame-resistant and moisture-management qualities are inherent to the fibers and cannot be washed out of the fabric, while the anti-microbial properties are tested to retain 90% efficacy, even after 50 launderings.