Integrated Knee Protectors

Serket’s Integrated Knee Protection (IKP) system stands at the forefront of protective wear, skillfully crafted to merge safety, comfort, and longevity. Central to the IKP’s design is a proprietary closed-cell thermo-stable foam, ensuring the integrated knee pads are exceptionally lightweight and never hinder movement. This Berry-compliant solution seamlessly pairs with most Serket pants, exemplifying an efficient and effective integrated knee pad design.

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Part# 904-IKP

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The IKP’s integrated knee pads are a testament to innovative engineering, with every feature carefully tailored to offer maximum protection and comfort:

  • Lightweight Design: By harnessing advanced materials and design strategies, the integrated knee pads significantly alleviate the weight burden on the wearer, enhancing agility and stamina.
  • Superior Impact Protection: The integrated knee pads are adept at dispersing energy, reducing the severity index and risk of puncture trauma, thereby providing robust protection against severe impacts.
  • Closed-Cell Polymer Construction: This specialized material repels moisture, which could otherwise increase weight and encourage bacterial growth.
  • Anti-Microbial and Anti-Fungal Properties: The integrated knee pads are treated to prevent odors, bacteria, and fungi, ensuring they remain hygienic and fresh even after prolonged use.
  • No Melt Drip Feature: In scenarios of temporary accelerated heat or flame exposure, the integrated knee pads’ material resists melting or dripping, adding an extra layer of safety.
  • Thermo-Stable: The pads maintain their pliability and consistency in various temperatures, promising consistent performance in diverse environments.
  • Scalable Protection: The system allows for the enhancement of puncture and fragmentation protection according to different threat levels. It also comes in various sizes to fit different body types, ensuring that the integrated knee pads provide a perfect fit for every user.