Flame Resistant Base Layer Pants

We designed the Serket™ FR Base Layer Pant for top performance, comfort, and safety. These flame-resistant pants are extremely comfortable, quick-drying, and stretchy, ensuring ease of movement. They feature breathability and moisture-wicking properties for enhanced comfort during prolonged use. Offering both protection and flexibility, these pants are perfect for anyone prioritizing safety and comfort in their lower body wear. They are crafted with advanced fabric technology and a durable design, making them essential for protective apparel.

Black (minimums apply).




Men’s: XS-XXL
Women’s: XS-XL

Part Info:

Lightweight Pant Part# 112-BP
Lightweight Women’s Pant Part# 112-FBP
Midweight Pant Part# 213-BP
Midweight Women’s Pant Part# 213-FBP
Heavyweight Layering Pant Part# 251-LP
Heavyweight Women’s Layering Pant Part# 251-FLP

How To Buy
  • Top Performance Design
  • Flame-Resistant Material
  • Ultra Comfortable Fit
  • Quick-Drying & Stretchy Material
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Moisture-Wicking Properties
  • Enhanced Movement Flexibility
  • Ideal for Safety & Comfort
  • Advanced Fabric Technology
  • Durable Construction

This and all Serket™ high-performance flame-resistant garments are engineered from a proprietary blend of high-performance flame-resistant fibers and pass all military specifications for:

  • Flame resistance: and no melt/no drip in accordance with ASTM-D-6413
  • Moisture management: in accordance with AATCC C2C TS-017 & ASTM E 96
  • Air permeability: in accordance with ASTM D 737
  • Anti-microbial: properties in accordance with AATCC 100

The flame-resistant and moisture-management qualities are inherent to the fibers and cannot be washed out of the fabric, while the anti-microbial properties are tested to retain 90% efficacy, even after 50 launderings.