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Integrated Knee Protectors (IKP)


Serket’s Integrated Knee Protection (IKP) system is constructed of a proprietary closed cell thermo-stable foam. Exceptionally lightweight, this Berry compliant solution interfaces with most Serket pants.

Key Features:

• Lightweight – minimization of weight via advanced materials and design
• Impact protection – minimization of energy severity index and puncture trauma
• Closed cell – polymer avoids moisture that can cause weight increase and harbor bacteria
• Anti-microbial and Anti-fungal – eliminates odor, bacteria and fungi
• No Melt Drip – when exposed to temporary accelerated heat/flame source
• Thermo-stable – minimal change in pliability/consistency when exposed to drastic increase/decreases in temperature
• Scalability – Ability to integrate enhanced puncture and/or frag protection to address varied threat levels as well as varied sizes for different anatomies

Available Colors: Black
Size: OS