Vanguard Military Snowshoes

Part #1712-VGD

The Serket™ Fimbulvetr® collaboration represents a new direction in snowshoes.

After researching 6,000 years of snowshoe evolution, we set out to create a lighter, stronger, more durable and ergonomic snowshoe from scratch. Previous snowshoes typically have many breakable parts, feel detached, and limit  movements.  Through redesign, prototyping, and testing,  we developed a high-end tool for superior personal winter mobility. The result is a whole new snowshoe experience, best described as a natural extension of the foot. Try it, and never go back.

The Vanguard Snowshoe is designed for extraordinary load capacity and flow. Its specialty is heavy loads and rough expeditions on all mountain terrains.


  • B4 Binding™
    • Functional, low-profile fit
    • Exceptional durability
    • Quick and easy operation – even with gloves
  • Fenris Crampon™
    • AISI 316 Stainless Steel bites hard in all conditions
  • All Direction Hinge™
    • Adapts to the terrain
    • Reduces strain on ankles and knees
    • Improved ergonomics
  • Flexible tail adapts to all terrains
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer Unibody for incredible strength, durability and smooth weight distribution


  • Binding: DuPont Hytrel® TPC-ET
  • Crampons: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Components:  12 (inch binding and bolts)
  • Length: 97 cm/38 in
  • Width: 25 cm/10 in
  • Area: 2290 cm 2/ 355 in 2
  • Weight: 3178 g/ 7 lbs per pair
  • Load: <160 kg/350 lbs
  • Shoe Sizes: fits > 4-16
  • Colors: White