SERKET USA premieres Richard D. Winters short documentary Returning to Normandy

SERKET USA, a leader in technical apparel solutions, is proud to announce the release of their short film, “Returning to Normandy: The Richard D. Winters Leadership Monument Project.” The film is being released on the 69 year anniversary of D-Day and explores the leadership principles of Major Richard D. Winters and all the American soldiers who served during the Normandy phase of Operation Overlord. SERKET USA was the primary sponsor of the Richard Winters’ Leadership Monument that was presented to the public during a ceremony on D-Day last year.

The film follows the Richard Winters’ Leadership Monument dedication ceremony and features Easy Company veterans Al Mampre, Ed “Doc” Pepping, Frank Perconte and Herb Suerth, Jr. The monument was presented by the World War II Foundation and SERKET USA on June 6, 2012, in Normandy (Sainte-Marie-du-Mont) recognizing Major Richard D. Winters and all the United States Army divisions and corps during the Normandy phase of Operation Overlord. Governor Tom Ridge and WWII Foundation President Tim Gray hosted the dedication ceremony in Normandy.

“We were honored to have had the opportunity to support the World War II Foundation’s effort to pay homage to Dick Winters, one of America’s great heroes, and all the Americans who served to protect freedom during World War II,” said SERKET USA President Trey Harris. “During our discussions with the World War II Foundation regarding the monument, we realized we had an opportunity and responsibility to document this experience, so we produced a film that is not only a tribute to Richard Winters and our WWII veterans, but a vehicle that enables us to pass the lessons of heroism, honor and sacrifice they learned during the war on to future generations of Americans.”

“I also want to take this moment to sincerely thank everyone involved in the production of this film. From Diana, Jeff and Janelle in Los Angeles to Sheridan Cleland and Gen11 Studios in West Virginia, it took a group of incredibly generous, patriotic and hardworking people to make this happen and we are eternally grateful.”

Gen11 Studios, a multimedia company located in West Virginia, provided their full production and post production services to the project at no cost.

“To say that the absolute experience of creating, directing, producing, and shepherding this project has left an indelible impression upon me would be a profound, staggering understatement,” said Gen11 Studios director Sheridan Cleland. “It’s not that I didn’t greatly respect them before, but it doesn’t matter how many Band of Brothers books that you read, or Saving Private Ryan films that you watch, when you walk the still-scarred earth of Pointe du Hoc, touch the sands of Utah and Omaha Beach, and walk the hallowed grounds of the Normandy American Cemetery it changes you, it rips thankful tears from your eyes, it makes the sacrifices of our Greatest Generation wholly tangible.

“The single greatest reward that I am taking away from this project, however, is reverence. Reverence for our veterans. Reverence for the soldiers who volunteered. Reverence for the men who risked their lives, and gave their lives, for that hard-won, yet incredibly fragile thing we call freedom.”


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