Flame Resistant Polartec Grid Fleece Balaclava

Part # 412-LB

The Serket™ FR Grid Fleece Balaclava is engineered using Polartec® Power Dry® FR Grid Fleece. Available in two sizes, it is extremely warm, comfortable, and quick drying. Thoughtful placement of flat and hidden seams enhances comfort next to skin.

This and all Serket high performance flame resistant garments are engineered from a proprietary blend of high performance flame resistant fibers and pass all military specifications for:

  • Flame resistance: and no melt/no drip in accordance with ASTM-D-6413
  • Moisture management: in accordance with AATCC C2C TS-017 & ASTM E 96
  • Air permeability: in accordance with ASTM D 737
  • Anti-microbial: properties in accordance with AATCC 100

The flame resistant and moisture-management qualities are inherent to the fibers and cannot be washed out of the fabric, while the anti-microbial properties are tested to retain 90% efficacy, even after 50 launderings. Thoughtful placement of flat and hidden seams, and an ergonomic fit enhance comfort next to skin.

All Serket garments are 100% engineered, designed, tested and manufactured in the United States and are Berry Compliant.